*Preventive medicine for your car

You've heard of preventive medicine. How about preventive maintenance?

You know the mechanic's rule of thumb: "Get a regular oil change every 3,000 to 4,000 miles." Getting a regular oil change is really the easiest and best thing you can do for your car. It adds to the reliability and longevity of your vehicle.

Included in our oil change service:

  • We will change the oil
  • Replace the oil filter

We will visually inspect:

Antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels, engine air filtration system, brake fluid level in transparent reservoirs,serpentine belts, wiper blades, exterior light operation

  • Lubricate the chassis, if needed
  • Check tire pressure

Check and top off fluids:

Transmission/transaxle fluids, power steering fluid,differential fluid, windshield washer fluid, battery water (this does not apply to sealed batteries)

If time permits, we'll gladly respond to any additional and reasonable requests to check something out on your car, while we are changing your oil. Just ask.

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